Some of Us and Most of You Are Dead

Publisher: Buckrider Books (Wolsak & Wynn)

Year: 2018

Genre: Poetry

What's It About? This is a collection of terminals based on poems by Canadian authors. Haunted by the people and works that inspired it, Some of Us and Most of You Are Dead depicts the shifting border between the living present and the undead past, while keeping one eye on the perilous future. A ghost bemoans the strictures of its afterlife in a terminal based on a poem by Anne Hébert. On a post-apocalyptic Earth, a population forced to live underground yearns to see the world above (Margaret Atwood). A poisoner is thwarted by victims who won't just shut up, lie down, and die (Anne Compton). Some of Us wrestles with, pays homage to, and riffs on the literature that poets have fashioned in, and of, this country.

Where Can I Buy It? Here.