Water Damage

Publisher: Mansfield Press

Year: 2013

Genre: Poetry

What's It About? Another eclectic collection, this one stranger and more experimental than Theme Park. Techniques range from sonnets to prose poems to found poetry. Characters include Dr. Frankenstein, the Queen of England, and a minotaur supervising a schoolyard

Where Can I Buy It? Here.

What the Critics Say:

"Ranks Norman as one of the best of the current cohort of Canadian poets." — Jim Johnstone, Canadian Literature

"Norman revels in witty wordplay . . . beguiling." — Barbara Carey, Toronto Star (full review here)

"Norman's poems have a stunning diversity of voice, a flowering of personality . . . Norman's imagery crackles and his language feels biblical in its force." 
— Jonathan Ball, Winnipeg Free Press (full review here)

"Nearly knocked me off the laundromat chair where I was reading it: the sheer rhythmic force that at times emerges in the book was as if it was beating back against the roaring washing machines . . . It's gorgeous." — E. Martin Nolan, The Town Crier (full review here)

"Norman . . . seems capable of writing anything he wants — ranging in his two collections from brilliant sonnets and rhymed quatrains to fragmentary free-verse narratives and prose poems . . . smart, funny, skillful, and various enough to tug our imaginations in all sorts of strange and contradictory directions." — Stewart Cole, The Urge (full review here)